The Centaurus is located in Islamabad capital city of Pakistan. The Centaurus is mixed use high rise building designed by world renowned architect ATKINS. Earth retention system comprised of contiguous piles and pre-stressed anchors. 3 nos.

Shoring System Design for Centaurus Mall comprised of contiguous piles supported laterally by pre-stressed anchors was designed. The excavation area was 2.6 hectare and maximum depth was 20 meters.

  • 120 no. cast-in-situ bored piles 600 mm dia and 25 m deep.
  • 480 no. pre-stressed ground anchors 150 mm dia and 40 ton capacity.
Project Type Centaurus, Islamabad Shoring & Piling Works
Client Pak Gulf Construction (pvt.) Limited, Islamabad
Project Duration February 2007 to November 2007
Execution Condrill Construction and Drilling Engineers